LA nonprofit seeks sponsorship support for ambitious video art project

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‘Out the Window’ reaches more than 7 million weekly riders on LA County Metro bus system

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Apr 8, 2013
“Out the Window” features videos, such as “Ix Chel” by Nancy Jean Tucker, in the unusual context of the LA County Metro bus system.

by Josh Stone


, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to the creative exhibition of new media, is seeking sponsors to support “Out the Window,” an ambitious project where artists’ videos are presented in the unlikely setting of the Los Angeles County metro bus system.

The pilot program for The MacArthur Foundation award winning project began in 2011. Transit TV, the largest out-of-home digital network geared towards transit riders in North America, distributed two-minute films by Los Angeles youth and artists across 4,000 screens on 2,000 buses.
Films included an interactive SMS text program that enabled riders to respond to questions or provide feedback on videos.

The initial success of “Out the Window” led to a new interactive, measureable, hyperlocal media opportunity.

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“This program will reach more than seven million people per week,” Chelo Eckhardt, sponsorship director for “Out the Window,” said. “That demographic is predominantly Latino, 66 percent in fact; 18-34 is the primary demographic; and they spend potentially 90 minutes per day on the bus every day….Anne [Bray] wanted to do something to benefit the riders and engage the community at large, so she created “Out the Window.”

Bray, the co-founder and executive director of Freewaves, shared that “Out the Window” builds off the success of “See Change,” a permanent video installation launched last year as part of the upgrades and renovations at Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Now, “Out the Window,” also supported by Public MattersEcho Park Film Center and UCLA Remap, is seeking sponsors who want to support emerging Los Angeles artists and reach a captive audience in and outside of the bus. “Out the Window” films will run alongside Transit TV’s current programming lineup, which includes English and Spanish language news, entertainment and weather sourced from Telemundo, AccuWeather, NBC, CBS and others.

“Right now, Anne has received most of her funding from prestigious grants like the MacArthur Foundation and theCalifornia Endowment – big deal foundations that see the impact and value of her work,” Eckhardt said. “Now, we want to give companies and brands the chance to support community artists and empower the public.”

Integrated Sponsorship Benefits In and Beyond the Bus System

1. Reach weekly ridership of more than seven million (118 million riders per quarter)

Artists’ videos refresh daily across 4,000 digital TV screens on 2,000 LA metro buses via Transit TV.

The bus system’s daily ridership is 66 percent Latino and 46 percent are between 18-and-34-years-old, according to data compiled by Scarborough Research.


2. Riders are engaged

Eckhardt stated that riders’ average commute is 45-minutes one-way, meaning they spend 90 minutes per day traveling.

3. Category Exclusivity

Eckhardt said 78 videos will be shown each quarter, with one theme per day that each sponsor can own.

“Last year, the videos were about neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the spaces they were passing on the bus,” Bray explained. “This year, we’re moving more towards health related content made by artists, so the creativity and personal touch will still be present. We’re focusing a lot on obesity prevention, diabetes and health insurance that will be available soon because of new legislation. I would love to work with nonprofits all over the city, and work on the issues that they’re trying to impress upon riders too. So, it could be much broader, including topics like social justice and the environment.”

Eckhardt added that sponsoring health and wellbeing-related content is a great opportunity for brands that want to expand authentically in that category.  

Therefore, she foresees athletic equipment, fitness, beverage, health insurance, pharmaceutical, drug stores, grocery stores and food brands being a perfect fit, though “Out the Window” could benefit any company that is trying to promote a healthy, lifestyle message.

Eckhardt said the “Environment” and “Know Your Rights” categories would be a valuable fit for mobile phone brands, technology companies and insurers, while The “Art” category benefits almost all brands that want to promote freedom of expression.

Ideally, Eckhardt said “Out the Window” will engage a retailer, mobile phone company, insurance company, agricultural cooperative, fitness company and a technology company.

“I’d love to hear from sports organizations too because they go hand-in-hand with health and wellbeing,” she continued. “This is Los Angeles-centric so I think the Dodgers would be perfect. The Latino community here is really supportive of the Dodgers and the Lakers, Kings, and Galaxy too.”

PropoisedContentSchedule_zps8ded11bd4. Sponsorship Extends Outside Buses

Marketing opportunities go beyond the one minute sponsors will receive during the three minute videos, which are shown once every hour.

“The ‘Ride-Watch-Win’ sweepstakes overlaid on the interactive art videos will generate awareness and drive attention to this project,” Eckhardt said.  “The promotion of this will be handled by digital media, radio and social media. All of that is planned.”

The “life-improving” sweepstakes program rewards riders who participate via text or e-mail. Riders who opt-in to the sweepstakes agree to participate in a sponsor survey. Each sponsor can include up to five questions per quarter.

The aggregated data from the promotions is collected each quarter from all program touchpoints.  Sponsors will receive four mailings to aggregated databases per year.

The sweepstakes program has both English and Spanish language radio and event marketing support from CBS Radio and Entravision, the second largest Spanish-language focused media company in the U.S.


Radio promotion will incorporate sponsors’ brands and messaging. Extended promotions will drive riders and other affiliated audience to sponsors’ local locations or website for further engagement.

Social media and PR are also major components within the marketing plan, including driving awareness through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Once sponsorship is set, “Out the Window” will host a rush hour publicity event at Union Station, the primary transportation hub in Los Angeles with more than 90,000 people traveling daily. The event will include all day display of video, sponsor acknowledgment, and VIP hospitality.

Eckhardt said the sponsorship fee is $175,000 per 26 weeks, with a yearly option available. She added that the program is fully customizable based on partners’ needs.

Readers interested in learning more about “Out the Window” and this sponsorship opportunity should contact Sponsorship Director Chelo Eckhardt at (203) 984-1641or

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