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A different video will be featured each day in October and November, played once per hour for the entire day of bus operations.


10/1-2  Patrick Miller, Fantasmas de Los Angeles*

10/3  Allen Colombo, Boyle Heights

10/4  Micol Hebron, Book Drag

10/5  Zanny Begg, LA Often Comes to Me

10/6  Marie Sullivan, Hollywood Farmers Market: A Unique Urban Form

10/7  Peter Bill, The California Landscape

10/8-9  Suzanne Oshinsky, Senselessness*

10/10 Jesse Fleming, Apart/Together

10/11 Michael Parker, Relay

10/12 Megan May Daalder, Painting the Town

10/13 Jody Zellen, Fragments

10/14 Victoria Delgadillo, LA Woman

10/15-16  Raul Paulino Baltazar, Tochtli 7 (the Aztec bunny)*

10/17 Michael Rippens, I (Balloon) LA


*Shown on Saturday AND Sunday because Transit TV shows the same programming both days

Rest of schedule TBD. Keep checking back!


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