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2/19: Qigong series: SLUGGISH by Ann Kaneko

The Qigong series is a collection of three videos demonstrating Qigong, the Chinese practice of energy cultivation. In Sluggish, Kaneko presents people in everyday situations – waiting at bus stop, sitting in traffic, sitting or standing uncomfortably on the bus. With upbeat music and simple text, in Spanish, English, and…

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02/17: GROWING HEALTHY: COMFREY by Paolo Davanzo & Lisa Marr

Words by Ezequiel Contreras; Images by  The Here & Now at; Growing Healthy is a series of short films cataloging the medicinal benefits of traditional plants and herbs in different cultures ranging from Dit Da Jow, a Chinese herbal preparation to Stinging Nettle, a Russian remedy. Each segment focuses on…

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07/15: CLEAN SQUARE by Jason Jenn & Roland Rodriguez

07/08: RESIDENT OF THE CITY by Ahmed Gharib